Monday, March 25, 2019

24 Draw

24 Draw manages all of the key points for residential and commercial construction loans and is not limited to your banking platform. 24 Draw tracks all of the information about the loan including borrowers, builder, property appraiser, and title information. It tracks your interest reserve, inspection schedule, and a journal of notes. It will manage your owners' funds as well as one, to many, buildings.

Managing a building allows for:

  • Saving and recalling item/contractor templates
  • Ability to import/export building draws to spreadsheets
  • Summary of loan information and amounts are calculated in real-time across all buildings
  • Adding as many draws, holdbacks, interest reserve columns as needed per building

For commercial loans it also manages the letter of credit and borrowers funds. Ability to manage original construction budget, net change orders and adjusted budget per line item.

Administrative Features

Manage your borrowers, appraisers, title companies and builders.


May be run on-site or cloud based.

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  • Loan Summary
  • Trial Balance
  • Term Expiration
  • Construction Builders
  • Note Date
  • Inspection
  • Spec
  • Construction Appraisers
  • LIP Maturity
  • Title Companies
  • Residential Construction Builders