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Daytona is our electronic content services (ECS) solution for searching for, retrieving, viewing and scanning documents. Daytona provides tools that can automatically scan and classify (i.e., pre-index) documents and archive them with additional data and metadata attached. It enhances productivity by leveraging imaging processes oriented on actual enterprise workflow.

Virtually all small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) could benefit greatly from ECS offerings. But, most of these businesses do not have the funds to purchase an enterprise platform or the necessary staff to implement a “free” solution. We provide a cost-effective midpoint between these extremes. We offer greater technical support than free products while being significantly less expensive than competing enterprise platforms.

Daytona is built with leading edge technology and development practices, so it runs fast, reliably, and securely. Further, Daytona is able to be configured and customized to fit the specialized business needs of small-to-medium sized organizations.

Document Imaging

  • Scan documents through the web browser
  • Preview documents from any source document format without plugins
  • Add and edit annotations, stamps, and redactions
  • Provides automated form recognition, OCR, and indexing

Information Management

  • Supports content versioning and metadata history
  • Protect data with secure access controls
  • Automate business processes with flexible workflow tools
  • Provides complete auditing capabilities

Search and Retrieve

  • Classify documents with customizable metadata
  • Search for any document by its content or metadata
  • Configure specialized search forms
  • Access associated or linked documents quickly

File Sharing

  • Share folders with any number of users
  • Transfer files securely with clients
  • Incorporates password protected file access
  • Offers customizable event handling

Improve collaboration

Enhance Productivity

Reduce Storage Costs

Boost Survivability

Streamline Administration

Increase Consistency

Process Automation

Map and automate complex business processes using the workflow engine. The Daytona form recognition and OCR engines allow the software to classify and automatically recognize scanned documents and OCR predefined zones. Utilizing the workflow engine, business rules can be applied to those documents for correction and automatic routing based on business requirements.


Daytona is fully compliant with current industry information security standards. It encompasses both proprietary and open source authentication systems. Daytona was developed in a security-infused environment, using a secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC) methodology. Security isn’t added on to our solutions—it’s central to their development.


Would you like to see more?

For SMBs that have an excess of unstructured content, Daytona is an ECS system that provides the tools to give customers control over their information. Unlike other established ECS systems, Daytona is available at a consistently affordable price; unlike open source alternatives, technical support, professional services, and customization are offered, to fit your exact business needs.